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What to do with left overs and unwanted gifts from Christmas

We’re all guilty of it – accumulating left overs from Christmas that you simply don’t have the need or use for.

Whether it’s a mountain of chocolate or confectionary that has no room in your healthy new lifestyle, or yet another pair of fluffy socks from a relative, don’t make the hasty decision of dumping this overspill from Christmas – instead give it all to a loving new home.

St Leonard’s Hospice on Tadcaster Road is currently welcoming all unwanted gifts from your pile of outcasts. This includes leftover alcohol, chocolates you don’t want and any other gifts still unopened.

Their fundraising team can put them to good use as raffle prizes for the good work they do.

If you have any in mind and need a clear out, then just have them dropped off at the Hospice on Tadcaster Road, York.

No need for clutter or temptations now!

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