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Trust’s Tadcaster homes win excellence award

New affordable homes in Tadcaster – developed by the Selby & District Housing Trust – have won a prestigious award for the best social housing development in North and East Yorkshire.

The homes on St Joseph’s Street in the town centre were recognised for their ‘outstanding’ construction and workmanship.  The three properties are part of a number of new developments from the Trust in the town, helping to provide new affordable homes for local people.

The awards are presented by North and East Yorkshire LABC (Local Authority Building Control Partnership).  This partnership delivers building control services for all of North Yorkshire, the East Riding and City of York areas.

Selby & District Housing Trust is an independent body that partners Selby District Council to build and manage new affordable properties across the district.  Primarily, this has been through building brand new homes, but the Trust can also manage affordable homes built as part of other new developments in Selby district.

Speaking on behalf of the Housing Trust, Cllr John Mackman explained why he was so pleased the Tadcaster homes had been recognised: ‘When we developed these new properties we wanted to focus on creating the best possible quality of home for our tenants.  It’s really important for the Trust to be able to support high-quality housing in the district, as part of our commitment to helping families and individuals in need of affordable homes.’

Local district councillors were involved in developing the concept of homes on this site, including identifying the land on which the homes have been built.  This comes from a wider piece of work from the District Council to tackle the key issues of importance to the town, which continues to include the supply of local housing.   Cllr Chris Metcalfe, explained: ‘The District Council has supported this development from its inception through to the homes being made available.’

Cllr Mackman added: ‘Through partnership working by Selby District Council, the Housing Trust and community, town centre derelict land has been transformed.  This has improved the local townscape for everyone as well as providing safe, secure and affordable homes for local people – a remarkable win-win situation.’

Eligibility for affordable homes is managed by North Yorkshire Homechoice.

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