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Tadcaster’s Coach and Horses gives back to the community in its third Brewing Good Cheer Campaign

Tadcaster locals’ favourite pub has once again worked to combat social isolation and loneliness during the festive season through hosting a community lunch, in partnership with Heineken’s Brewing Good Cheer Campaign and Chapelfields’ Community Hub.

For a fourth year Heineken have led Brewing Good Cheer, which is a campaign that celebrates the positive role pubs play in communities in bringing people together.

Together with licensees from Star Pubs & Bars and local charities, they have aimed to host over 100 lunches for hundreds of people around the UK who might not often get the chance to go to their local. A chat over a beer, a lunch or a mince pie can be a small thing, but for some, it can make a huge difference.

The Coach and Horses is the only Tadcaster pub who has taken part in the campaign this year, and it was its third year partaking since Heineken invited it to jump on board three years ago in 2016 at a meeting in Tadcaster’s Brewery.

The community lunch, which took place on the 27th November, hosted 20 members of the community who were served Christmas dinner and enjoyed the festive spirit like everyone else.

Georgie Slintoss, bar supervisor at the Coach and Horses, spoke to us about how important the lunches are to the community and what role the pub plays in delivering the campaign each year.

As the campaign is organised to prevent social isolation for people around the festive season, Georgie explained which people benefit the most from this.

“It’s mainly elderly people who benefit the most, as they can get very lonely at Christmas time so this is a chance for them to all get together and celebrate. The people that have attended the lunches in the past have always been non-regulars, which shows that they would not usually get a chance to be in that situation of belonging or togetherness.”

She added that the lunches aren’t meant exclusively for the elderly, as the Coach and Horses openly welcomes anyone to join, including the homeless.

“It’s important to host community groups like this over the festive period because we all get to celebrate with our families and forget that there may be others who don’t get the chance to, so it’s nice for them to come and be around people, feel supported and feel part of something. A elderly man and woman at our very first community lunch got talking and realised they both had dogs. They have walked their dogs together ever since which is lovely to see.”

These Christmas lunches are not just fleeting encounters for members who attend, and the campaign’s work has proven this – Georgie shared a wonderful story from the very first year of the
pub’s inaugural campaign launch back in 2016.

“An elderly man and woman at our very first community lunch got talking and realised they both had dogs. They have walked their dogs together ever since which is lovely to see. Similarly, a few of the previous dinner attendees already knew each other from going to Sunday Church service together, so they now also come and have lunch here at The Coach and Horses after Church Service sometimes.”

Pubs have long been a great way of bringing people together, and Georgie explained how The Coach and Horses remains to extend a specially warm welcome to all of its locals by being versatile.

“What makes us a special part of the community is that we’re very versatile; we’re welcoming to kids and are family orientated – we also accept dogs inside. These are all important factors in such a small town.”

For more information on all initiatives, visit https://www.neighbourly.com/BrewingGoodCheer2019

Visit The Coach and Horses Tadcaster on Facebook for pub information or call 01937 834888

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