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Storm Ciara/Dennis safety guide

The last few days has seen an absolute battering of the UK from Storm Ciara, with extreme flooding in North Yorkshire and the Tadcaster area.

The elements are showing little mercy to the roads and our cars, which can become quite problematic if not dealt with he proper way. Below are some of the most important steps to consider when preparing to face the onslaught of bad weather.

1. De-ice your car properly

Freezing temperatures means that unfortunately many car windows will be completely iced over before you even begin the commute to work. It’s important to de-ice your car the right way, otherwise you may risk getting a fine or damaging your windscreen.

Don’t reach for the kettle as a quick fix! The hot temperature colliding with the ice can crack the windscreen. And fixing that will just cost you more in the long run…

Instead, start by switching the engine on and cranking the heat up high, pointing the blowers to the windscreen. While waiting for the car to warm up don’t wander back inside, as having an idle engine could land you with a £20 fine.

After your car’s warmed up, use a can of de-icer and an ice scraper to remove it all, and you’re good to go!

2. Take care on the roads, even if you’re not in a car

Pedestrians and cyclists should remain as vigilant as possible when travelling out on the roads, as icy conditions make footpaths and walkways dangerously slippery. Choose sensible footwear that have grip when possible, to avoid nasty falls.

It’s not just the icy weather that can be hazardous, as winds are also quite aggressive at the moment. Objects getting blown away could cause severe harm or even fatalities if they collide with people/cars. Merseyside police are urging pedestrians to be extra vigilant as an elderly man walking his dog was killed by a falling tree branch earlier today.

3. Children playing in parks

For areas experiencing heavy snowfall, many local parks will become like winter wonderlands for kids to play in. Although it is meant to be a fun experience, you should still be on your guard/ supervise your children at all times. Many parks have lakes that freeze over in the weather and to kids it can seem like a good idea to walk over the ice but this is extremely dangerous and can even be fatal if someone falls in.

During the heavy flooding the banks of rivers in parks will also rise and sometimes burst, making it hard to judge where the footpath stops and the current starts. School children making their own way home back through this weather should be advised to avoid parks with severe flooding from river banks, for their own safety.

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