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School holiday kids urged to make cards for Wetherby older people

Wetherby’s leading older person’s charity is appealing for superhero kids to make cards over the school holidays to make isolated older people smile.

Wetherby in Support of the Elderly’s (WiSE) ‘Send A Smile’ scheme aims to cut feelings of isolation and loneliness by asking people to spare 10 minutes to send an older person some handmade post.

Now the charity wants to ramp up its efforts over summer, to build on the 2,725 pieces of post it has already sent under the initiative.

Melody Mills, Send a Smile Scheme coordinator, said: “We would love it if local kids could be superstar heroes this summer holiday and make cards and pictures for our Send a Smile Scheme.

“The holidays are always an expensive time for parents. Making cards is a cheap activity for a rainy day, but one that will make a huge different to older people in the community.

“This small good deed will make someone’s day – the joy of receiving a good old fashioned piece of post never goes away.”

Getting involved is easy. Make a card or draw a picture (keeping text large if possible). Add a message and post them or drop them into to the office at WiSE, 24 Westgate, Wetherby, LS22 6NL. Envelopes – although welcome, are not required.

WISE is a registered charity organisation part funded by Leeds City Council (LCC). Its aim is to improve quality of life for the over 60s by providing community based activities, information, help and support. It was given the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service last year, which is equivalent to an MBE.

For more information about the Send a Smile Scheme visit www.w-ise.org.uk/our-services/#smile


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