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Samuel Smith pubs are under national scrutiny over a reported card payment ban

Reports in the national press have claimed that Samuel Smith’s payment strategy across its estate has changed, with card payments apparently being pulled from its sites.

The Tadcaster brewery chain, who previously made headlines for banning texting, e-mailing, mobile phones and laptops in its 200 pubs has given conflicting responses in light of the recent reports.

Mick Hilton, Landlord of The Brigadier Gerard in York said: “I support the rule – why should people have to pay more for their beer so the card companies can benefit?”

However The John Snow in London’s Soho was unaware of the ban and insisted that it does “90 per cent of its trade with debit or credit cards,” hearing ‘nothing whatsoever’ about the ban.

The reported card ban has raised concerns over what impact this will have on the pubs profitably, considering that millions of people in the UK hardly ever using cash any more.

According to UK Finance, 5.4 million consumers almost never used cash in 2018, and relied on cards and other payment methods, up from 3.4 million consumers in 2017.

Should pubs be cash only, or should they move with the times of technological change? Let us know your thoughts?

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