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Remote working

This month, Business Support Specialist Heidi Green talks about the pros and cons of remote working.

According to the Office for National Statistics there are over 4 million people working remotely in the UK and it is believed this is on the rise. Here are some of the benefits for you to consider.

It can increase productivity as many people feel more comfortable in their own environment, there are also less distractions than those who are office based.

Many people, rightly, stay away from work with colds and flu, not wishing to spread the germs, but do feel well enough to work so this is another winning situation. It is also beneficial for members of your workforce to continue adding value to your business without the pressures of other commitments stopping them working.

You may need smaller offices and introduce a hot-desking way of working; it can also reduce utility bills and travel expenses.

However, some staff do not like remote working, they miss their colleagues and the office “banter” so a happy medium needs to be agreed. It can also be difficult to maintain the company culture when people are away from the office and the team can become harder to nurture.

For further advice contact Heidi Green, Senior Business Advisor for Selby District Council via email at hgreen@selby.gov.uk or telephone 01757 292332.

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