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Open event to promote the work of the STEP

The Selby Town Enterprise Partnership (STEP) is holding a special event to promote their work and develop new links between local businesses.

The open event on Tuesday 28 March will be an opportunity to find out about the work of the group and consider what can be achieved for the town centre’s future.

It will also be a way local businesses can learn how they can work together to influence the way Selby grows and develops. They can also use it as an opportunity to let the STEP know how they can help local businesses.

Dave Caulfield, Director of Economic Regeneration and Place at Selby District Council, said: “The role of the STEP is to re-energise the town centre while building on the distinctive heritage of the town.

“We want it to be vibrant, attractive and well maintained as a great shopping and leisure destination. We know the town is thriving as we capitalise on the popularity of events such as Selby Arts Festival and Selby Food and Drink Festival (which is funded and managed by the Town Council with £2,000 coming from the STEP) but we need to learn from local businesses what they need to help the town develop further.”

The Selby Town Enterprise Partnership is a strategic body, which brings together local public and private sectors to support economic growth in the town centre. The STEP is made up of representatives from the local authority, the business community, education, and a range of delivery partners. It is a real opportunity to work together to plan the long-term development of the town retail and leisure.

The open event takes place at the Summit Indoor Adventure from 5.30 to 7pm on Tuesday 28 March. Please book your place in advance.

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