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No place like home for award-winning estate agents

Lucie Wishart, owner of an award-winning estate agents, has launched a brand new hub in Tadcaster sharing the same building as her husband! 

Wishart Estate Agents owned by Lucie, have moved into the same building as Lucie’s husband Jim Scrafton, who runs motocross custom graphics company ‘MotoShack’. The businesses have taken over Wilton House on Station Road, former home of Copley Electricals.

Following the pairs decision to open their businesses in the same building, the Tadcaster Echo spoke to Lucie to see what the thinking was behind the decision. “When we sat down and thought about things, it made total sense to us! A central location close to the A1/M1 is ideal for MotoShack as they supply graphics to customers UK wide. Tadcaster provides an ideal location for an estate agency within the ‘golden triangle’ of York, Leeds and Harrogate. Due to its accessibility it’s easy for the team to get out and about for viewings and valuations and very easy for our clients to drop in off the A64.

After redecoration and various other tasks, Wishart estate agents & MotoShack have settled in well. Lucie also told us about Wilton House for any members of the public who are looking to call in.

“We are really spoilt with the pretty location, we have a beautiful outlook over the tree lined Station Road and the stunning lawns and flower beds beyond. We also love that the office has its own front lawn and even flag pole. We’re actually considering getting a Wishart Estate Agents flag up there.

“We have had the office completely redecorated to a trendy white and grey scheme! There is also a relaxed seating area for visitors, an iPad display for our properties.”

With the pair now working next door to one another, as a consequence both Lucie and Jim have seen a number of changes to their day to day life. Lucie spoke to us about how the move has gone and how their work life ‘balance’ has changed.

“We are both so busy we hardly get chance to talk at work, but our two pugs love double the attention from both offices!  Our work life balance has changed dramatically now we’ve cut the commute, particularly for Jim, moving his business from Barnsley to Tadcaster. Working so close to home is ideal, the commute from our village to Tadcaster is around 10 minutes.”

Both Wishart estate agents and MotoShack are keen to help with any enquires you may have in either industry field. If you do wish to pop into their home, they can be found at Wilton House on Station Road in Tadcaster!





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