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New Events – Boston Spa Gardening Society

Boston Spa gardening society is excited to announce two new events in the upcoming spring months, which are ideal for any gardening/plant fanatic!

Growing Vegetables in Small Gardens

On Wednesday 25th March the society will welcome new speaker Keith Abel to present the talk: “Growing Vegetables in Small Gardens.”

With limited space in modern gardens paired with a growing interest in fresh produce, Keith will demonstrating and explaining that we don’t need a field or allotment to get the biggest and best results.

For further information please see the Facebook Page: Next-door Forum.

The Wonderful World of Hostas

On Wednesday 29th April, Richard Proctor from Sue Proctor Plants will be talking about “The Wonderful World of Hostas.”

This talk will cover all you need to know about how to get the best results from your plants, and if you have struggled with those slimy molluscs ruining your wonderful plants, take comfort that the professionals are not immune.

Although Sue Proctor Plants have grown over 1,200 different varieties of Hostas, they have also dispatched more slugs and snails than there are words in the “Brexit Agreement”.

As usual, both the meetings will be at the Deepdale Centre in Boston Spa. Doors will open at 19.00 for a 19.30 start, with refreshments and a raffle draw. New members and guests are always welcomed at the events. For further information please visit the website.


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