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Music for Martin House

May is Music for Martin House month! Throughout the whole of May, bands, choirs, orchestras, DJs, organisers and everything in-between put on music events to raise money for children with life-shortening illnesses.

A spokesperson for Martin House Hospice said: “Throughout this month, we are asking our incredible supporters to organise gigs, concerts, open-mic nights and recitals in their local venues. We are asking you to spread the word and raise awareness and money for the children and families in your local community who are in need of our support.

“It could be anything from live-streaming a gig from your bedroom and asking for donations, to putting on a whole new event or festival – and anything in-between. If you already have a concert planned for May, perhaps you could donate a percentage of the profits, or run a raffle at it? Or ask at the door for guest-list donations? There are so many ways to support Music for Martin House and how you do it is down to you!

“Music plays a central role in life at Martin House and is key in creating a creative and energising environment. Every day, music can be heard almost constantly around the house; it could be teenagers recording DJ mixes in the purpose-built recording studio, groups of families joined together in a fun, interactive sing along in the conservatory, or intimate, one-to-one sessions for a child with complex needs at the bedside – or even live bands at Lodgefest, Martin House’s very own music festival!”

If you would like to put on a concert in May for Music for Martin House, please contact Martin House on 01937 844569 or email cverney@martinhouse.org.uk. For further information about setting up your own event for Martin House, visit the website www.martinhouse.org.uk.

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