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Dog or cat lover? Today marks National Cat Day

National Cat Day was created in 2005 by Colleen Paige in an effort to raise awareness of the number of suffering cats that need care and homes.

It’s important information! Are you a cat person or dog person? It’s probably one of the most controversial questions you can ask someone.

Both feline and canine lovers may have a number of concerns for their pet at this time of year. The fireworks have already began, which can be distressing for cats and dogs who are a lot more sensitive to sound than us humans. Car drivers need to be aware – the cold weather is creeping in, which can lure cats under the car hood for warmth of the engine.

At this time of year especially we often see the black cat become an iconic symbol of halloween. A lot of people still see black cats as ‘spooky’ and bringers of bad luck. Unfortunately this can lead to them being cast aside and not chosen at rescue homes because of the history of superstition. Black cats are also thought as ‘hard to photograph.’

Interestingly, the genes that cause black colouration in cats are the most dominant. Meaning that there are more black cats than any other colour. The fact remains that there are more black cats in need of homes than other colours of cat.

RSPCA York, Harrogate & District branch currently houses 54 dogs and 54 cats (increasing to 72 during kitten season), all which are looking for loving homes. It is regularly encouraged that people adopt rather than shop for new pets, as so many animals are left abandoned by previous owners.

What are your thoughts on the superstition around black cats? Would you adopt or shop for a new pet? Tell us your cat stories in the comments

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