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Community raises £6,500 for ‘Magical Merlin’

The Tadcaster community has pulled together to raise over £6,500, all in aid of local dog Merlin.

The seven-month-old Border collie suffered with hip dysplasia, meaning he struggled to walk and maintain a good quality of life. However, following the kind donations of the public, Merlin is now on the mend after his costly operation on the 17th May!

The hip operation meant Merlin would have a much higher chance of living a pain-free life, an opportunity that owner Sammy could not turn down. Despite the large operation fee, Sammy was happy to go through with the process, however, required additional funds to go towards the cost.

Sammy recently received the £6,500 figure just two months on from her appeal, and has spoken to us about how thankful she is for the local community.

“I am absolutely delighted and humbled that the community has helped Merlin and I. I never imagined the bills would be so high, it is amazing how quickly the costs of scans and appointment rack up.

“I felt I needed to give Merlin the best possible chance as the success rates of total hip replacements are also very high in a young dog. I am so thankful to each and every person that helped share the word, deliver posters and donated. You have literally all helped save my dog Merlin.”

Following the operation Merlin has been taking things slow, with the expected recovery time roughly around 12 weeks. Sammy gave us an update on how he is coping after his big day at the

“He is struggling but this is to be expected. The operation was done on the 17th May and things are going to plan so far. The first four weeks are critical; this is when there is the highest chance of post-operative complications. I am doing all I can to reduce the risk but it is really difficult and very tiring.”

Sammy also admitted at one stage she thought she was going to lose Merlin, making her even more thankful for each and every person who donated towards the cause.

“I was prepared to say my goodbyes to him as heartbreaking as this would have been, however, when I found out there was a surgical solution which would give him an excellent quality of life, I had to find a way to raise the funds. This was when I asked for help from the community.

“I want to personally extend a huge thank you to each of you who helped me – the result of which was saving Merlin’s life. I just did not have the money needed for his treatment. To raise what you did in such a short time was amazing! I am humbled and so thankful to you all. You are a wonderful community. I would like to especially thank the person who made the large anonymous donation to take me to the target. I will keep you all posted on his progress on Facebook, just search Magical Merlin’s Page.”

Merlin will need his other hip replacing in the next eight months. If you would like to donate towards this you can.

To donate, please visit gofundme.com and search for ‘Total Hip Replacement For Merlin’.



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