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3rd- 9th February: Sexual Abuse and Violence awareness week

This week marks sexual abuse and violence awareness week, with the universal hashtag ‘#itsnotok,’ being used across all social media channels to raise awareness.

Domestic violence and sexual assault affects millions of people each year, and the statistics are more shocking than many would think.

Statistically, one in three women experience sexual assault or domestic violence at some point in their lives, one in six men experience sexual abuse before the age of 18, and 65% of victims who come forward say no one helped them.

The campaign this week aims to spread the message far and wide that #itsnotok to be subjected to sexual abuse or violence, and to provide an opportunity for people to learn more and to remove the taboo from around the subject.

North Yorkshire Police are supporting Sexual Abuse and Violence Awareness Week, and have urged people to come forward and inform the police if they have been a victim of sexual abuse or violence, whether it happened in the past or is happening now:

“To report a sexual crime to North Yorkshire Police, call 101. If you are in immediate danger, always call 999. If you prefer not to go direct to the police and you are not in immediate danger, you can contact a sexual assault referral centre (SARC) in your area.

Bridge House, North Yorkshire’s SARC can be contacted on 01904 669339
Childline 24-hour helpline – 0800 1111
NSPCC’s online safety helpline – 0800 800 5002
If you are worried about a child, call the NSPCC’s helpline: 0800 800 5000.”

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